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See our upcoming concert listings dedicated to CAMMAC's 60th here.

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Really great site, facilities and people.

–M. Simard

As always, everything was excellent !

–Ms. Peterson

CAMMAC far exceeded my expectations. I wil recommend it to all my friends.

–Ms. Stein

I love this place! Thank you for all the hard work & loving care that goes into making it work!

–Mme, White

I know you want negative comments as well, but there really are none. The week was superb. Thank you!

–Ms. Miller

I’ll be back and will tell others what a wonderful experience they’ll have here.  Many thanks!

–Ms. Smith

All the courses were wonderful for us & our whole gang !

–M. Label

CAMMAC was very generous and kind re our 60th anniversary. It was so special to be able to celebrate it here. Thank you.

–Ms. Thomson

Thanks to the chef for helping me out with my alergies.


Extraordinary!! I wish to have Ms Stubington again as teacher.

–Mme, Tanguay

I’ve gone to CAMMAC for 14 summers now and I can’t wait for summer 2012 !!


I’ll be back every year for sure!  The most beautifull holidays of my life !!!

–Ms. Jones

At 20 I played a few chords on the guitar. Today at 50, I’m realizing a dream, I’m learning to play for real.

–Mr Letendre

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